We love to “DANCE”! Thank you for such consideration in the dancing styles.

Young and old, traditional to the wild ” Ice Dancing”, it was all fabulously FUN. Perfection for everyone!

Thank you, Thank you for giving MUSIC to my dream. It would not have been the

same without your knowledgeable, talented input. Thank you for seeing the vision and making it possible to keep people smiling and laughing and hugging for 6 full hours in the cold sparkly snow. MUSIC IS REALLY EVERYTHING! It brings life to a setting, brings you up or down, slows and ponders or wildly silly. Your musical talent, made a snowy night come alive with LOVE for EVERYONE!



Dear Tina,

Again, I would like to THANK YOU for making the ” Winter Wonderland wedding a creation come true.

You have the gift of seeing someone’s vision and enhancing upon it. Your enthusiasm and confidence took the fear out of my “over the top” real (outside) winter wedding.

God knew He would bless me with snow and snow and still more snow! He had a

good chuckle seeing how I was going to keep our Bride wann and still show off her diamond snow flaked wedding gown, for 6 + hours, outside in the winter elements. Your music selections helped us all with that!

People do not really grasp how important the MUSIC is. How it alone is really responsible for the flow of an entire event. For “Winter Wonderland” to come true I needed someone to fit music to the stages of this most unusual night. YOU did just that!

Instructing Steve on our speaker placement and getting it all wired to your “window box studio°ʼ so you could ” watch over us” was paramount. Creating a surround sound concert in the woods with the pine trees towering over and the stars beaconing us to look up was so surreal. The MUSIC was all around us, filtering off into the deeper woods and trails, coaxing people to explore and then come back again by just following the music. It was and still is a magical experience no one has forgotten!

The all-important mood setting “ Chamber Music” as guests arrived, relaxing them as they mingled for a hot spiced wine at the Oak Barrel Bar. All the while allowing them to take in the crisp, cedar scented night air illuminated by the warming, glowing chicaneries and the sparkly white snowfall. YOU captivated the ears of all with the music and drew them into the vision. Perfect!

‘The Bride’s Music” so entrance setting, so emotional. The Maids (dressed in traditional capes, boots, hats and fur muffs all different and uniquely individual except

for the black and red plaid) and their Bride met the Groom and his Groornsmen (dressed in traditional black riding jackets and gray wool huntsman pants with their own variety of

winter hats and scarves, no two alike except for the tartan plaid). Guests were immediately transported back to another time. A very Currier & Ives setting with MUSIC to match. A soft, approving mummer went through the crowd as each one appeared. Again Perfection!

Let us not forget the “Feasting Music”!! No King’ s court had such a gay, hearty band of Mistrals as we did. No wonder 10 roast with all the fixings and 7 steaming pots of hardy soup disappeared. Obviously being served meat and veggies out of old ornate pewter and hearing IOYOUS music was very conducive to the pallet. Y um! Y um! Perfection!

One of my own personal moments was climbing into the red velvet lined sleigh, being wrapped in a fur blanket and leaving the sound of music behind. Hearing in the stillness of the woods the sound of the horse breathing heavy and the sleigh runners crisp on the snow as we flew a cross the meadow. Then finally drawing close again to the twinkle of the kerosene lanterns and hearing the MUSIC beaconing us to return. Music does draw you into the experience. So absolutely Perfect!


Tina was a tremendous help in making the first annual Chocoholic Frolic a success.  Making sure that guests have a pleasant experience means everything to me as an event planner and I was grateful to have Tina’s experience and excitement on my side.  Tina was enthusiastic about putting together a fun playlist of themed music to set the tone for our race.  She engaged with participants prior to the event through the use of social media.  The morning of the event she played songs that were requested by participants to get them ready for the race and kept everyone’s energy levels high at the post event festival.  We were grateful to have her on the team.

Thank you, Tina!


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Tina and Spokane Voice entertained all our guests at our fundraiser for Toys for Tots this year.  She made the event extra special & everyone had fun dancing the night away! She also was at another private going away party for a friend.  I would recommend her for any celebration big or small!


Tina from Spokane Voice is the best!  She Dj’d for the Riverpoint Academy Prom and energized everyone! What a fun evening and am looking forward to having her in the future!

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