Mobile DJ

With Spokane Voice Mobile DJ service the whole point is you and we always take requests.  You are encouraged to write your favorite music list in our planning packet for us,  so we can customize to your tastes, with your special songs for your special moments.  You can also just name your genre’ and leave it up to us to ensure everyone has a good time!   If your venue has Wifi and we don’t have your song for a request, we can download it usually in minutes.

Spokane Voice Mobile DJ has over 170,000 mp3’s. We belong to Prime Cuts, professional broadcasters and Dj music service assuring all the latest hits! (and edited for airplay)  We also have our own extensive library from years of collecting comprised of all different kinds of pop, rock, hip-hop, soul, reggae, oldies, country, blues, disco and even classical.  Did you say jazz?  We have swing and over 800 jazz cd’s, most of which are part of a special collection of various greats from every jazz era. *

With us, you’re not just getting a Dj service.  You’re getting a real broadcast DJ from the biz and the benefits of a true, lifelong music lover that can serve all generations!

What else will you get?   Awesome sound.  We use standard broadcast industry microphones, wireless microphones,  amazing lights, fog, and bubbles.  Your sound will emanate from QSC K-12s and subwoofers.  Quality, clean sound with enough beef to ensure true audio joy for everyone!   No out-dated equipment for you.  Our unique Dj facade covers unsightly cords and can match the colors you have chosen or remain solid black and white, then, lights up to the music a variety of colors to the music beat for open dance times!  And of course, the DJ is dressed for your occasion and is licensed and insured.

There’s more!

We have our own planning packet that is included.  It is designed to take the stress off you and can be customized for your wedding, reception or special event!

We include as many consultations as you need when it’s convenient for you.

We also include our own black canopy and large umbrella’s should the weather be too hot or suddenly disagreeable for outdoor events.

Everything mentioned above is included in our package!  What you choose to use is up to you! No hidden fees here.

We love to accommodate many different kinds of events!  Weddings, Corporate Parties, Proms, Birthday Parties, Anniversaries, or any reason to celebrate!  We also give Spokane area schools special discounts!