I’m Tina Bjorklund, owner of Spokane Voice.  After 25 years in local radio and television, I made the leap to open Spokane Voice.  My passion is to create that special “sparkle” to each project or event with professional ease, so you can focus on other aspects of your event or project with a relaxed confidence.  I intend on each endeavor to be intimately customized. Although we have so much technology in equipment, I want to remain exclusive to one project at a time, YOURS.  This concept of one at a time service, combined with experience, help ensure a productive yet enjoyable experience for all.

Spokane Voice offers commercial radio production, spoken word projects such as audio book reading productions, documentary voice-overs, and a Spokane area mobile DJ service.

Spokane Voice is a cut above, here’s why

  • Spokane Voice utilizes professional announcers, actors, and musicians generating originality and supporting local artists.
  • Spokane Voice’s studio is small, yet well-equipped, cutting overhead costs for us all while concentrating on N.W. talent of national quality.
  • With seasoned professionals, we still have very competitive pricing!
  • Our mission is to treat your message as an art, to stand out, to be creative, innovative and thus paid attention to!
  • We believe in giving back to our community.  We have donated our services to numerous charitable organizations such as  The Front Row Foundation, Preveiled, Women’s Healing Network and Toys For Tots.